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About Eddie Settles

So who is this guy Eddie Settles?

A day to remember: PawPaw and Cody

I’m a native Memphian, retired attorney and CPA, fool for Christ, and family man.  Along with my wife, six grown children, and two grandkids; I love books, history, political analysis, teaching and a good honest debate.
Every morning my 60-year old body recounts the hits I took playing tackle for Germantown High School and center for Sewanee-The University of the South. Without my cochlear implant, I’m deaf as a stump (just one of the reasons why I  believe in miracles). When I look in the mirror and see a head full of white hair, I have to remind myself, “It’s the miles, Settles, not the years.” And oh, those miles!

With my wife Eve  (nee Yeargain) – a fifth generation Memphian and fellow classmate from Germantown High School’s Class of 1969 – I’m back in River City after 35 years based in the rolling green hills of middle Tennessee. The move back to our hometown was, well, not altogether anticipated with great joy. In many ways, we hardly recognize the Memphis of our youthful memories. But we’ve also been pleasantly surprised. By no means are the changes we see all bad. In today’s Memphis, we see a city of heart and soul and hope, of suppressed greatness, struggling to break free of the chains of decay, poverty, crime,  and racial polarization.

Alongside Eve, I am committed to doing what we can to bring folks together to craft solutions to these thorny problems. Naive? Impossible?  Well, not if you are working God’s plan.  And I believe that God has a great plan for Memphis. Our radio show on Bott Radio Network AM 640  in Memphis, this blog, and the conversations we will generate from them are part of a journey we will all take together.  How far that journey leads us to our goal — a revivified metropolis where all God’s people can live abundant lives — depends a lot on the people who join with us. I hope that will include you.

I am honored that Todd Payne of Bott Radio has given us this opportunity, and deeply grateful for the advertising support of Don Tredway of Tredway Financial Services which has made the program possible.

Finally, I am a man of prayer. I believe deeply in prayer.  I have seen the power of the Holy Spirit at work, healing the sick and suffering, bringing hope to the hopeless and filling up the empty lives of the lost. Without the prayers of others, I doubt I could have survived the past ten years.  But that’s a different story for another day.  

I ask you one thing: to pray for Memphis.  Pray for healing of the deep wounds of our past. Pray for hearts and minds to open to one another. Pray for God to raise up great leaders representing the many ingredients of our rich multicultural stew –people of creativity, imagination, integrity and passion. Pray that every citizen of Greater Memphis will care enough to be engaged, informed and dedicated to positive change.

Pray with me for Memphis.

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